We spent 5 days in Amsterdam with our 2 kids, 3 years and 9 months old. Sabine turned out to be a big help. We had booked a baby cot from her and were going to pick it up on our way from the airport to our apartment. Then, the airline lost our stroller and we were very late. I called Sabine and she said it was no problem and we could also borrow a stroller from her. The baby cot was picked up at our apartment on time on our last day. So perfect service and extremely helpful with everything! We are so glad to have found “Tavel Baby Amsterdam” and recommend these services to anyone travelling with kids who don’t want to or cannot bring everything.” August 2016 – Anne Lamparter (Germany)

Anne Lamparter

Amsterdam is a charming and lovely city to explore with kids. It was so easy and convenient to hop on and off the trams with the Bugaboo stroller we rented from Travel Baby Amsterdam. Many thanks to Sabine for her courteous and gracious service, especially when we needed a ride-on attachment for our son which she provided for us at no extra cost! She also very thoughtfully included a rain cover that came in very handy during our outings. We will be traveling more lightly on our next visit to Amsterdam and leaving any baby gear at home that we can rent from Travel Baby Amsterdam.
July 2016 – Gloria Park (Brooklyn, New York)

Gloria Park

Thanks for making our stay in Amsterdam easier and perfect. The twin stroller is very comfortable for the children and the person who pushes it through the city. We could even fold it and put it onboard the canal cruise boat. The service and aimability was excellent. Many facilities to pick up and return the stroller. We’ll recommend it to everyone. Thanks for all.

May 2016 – Virginia Cano

Virginia Cano

A note to say thank you for your baby rental equipment! I do appreciate your flexibility to add the stroller to our booking and to accept our cash payment upon pick-up. Your service was excellent and made our holiday in Amsterdam so much easier with our baby.

February 2016 – Yvonne Butter.

Yvonne Butter

We had such a wonderful experience with the double stroller we rented from Travel Baby Amsterdam. Sabine was prompt, clear when explaining how to use the stroller and so kind. She also was flexible on delivery and pick-up times. Our stroller was perfect for the cobble stone streets. In fact, the stroller was so great, I already miss it! Thank you so much! The stroller was priceless for our family!

January 2016 – Alyssa Tucker.

Alyssa Tucker

We had a fantastic journey in Amsterdam with our daughter of 2 years old. I decided not to bring our stroller since it was not comfortable for few days, so I rented the EasyWalkerSky by Sabine. My daughter found it great. The first day she slept 3 hours in it letting us to have a quiet lunch in Dam square. The stroller was in very good conditions, quite new and Sabine is very nice and she gave me many suggestions for our vacation. We highly recommend Travel Baby Amsterdam. Elena (Italy).

November 2015 – Elena Eller.

Elena Eller

I found out about Travel Baby Amsterdam couple of weeks before the travel date while I was searching for rental baby items, so I wrote to Sabine and decided to keep the option for any unexpected situation. I brought  along a carrier for todller, since I was very familiar with babywearing, but things turned out very unexpectedly. It was 30 March 2015 when we arrived in Amsterdam, and my 4yo son was very uncomfortable and refused to walk or back carried- and we suspected due to the windy and chilly weather the he was experiencing for the first time. The first two days was extremely challenging. So before we left Amsterdam for Brussels I contacted Sabine again and signed up for stroller rental. The communication with Sabine was so smooth and efficient, although it was a very last minute request.

We rent the classy EasyWalker Mini Buggy which was perfect for my 4yo, and had ease the rest of my journey in Brussels and Paris. Everything worked perfectly and the stroller was amazingly robust enough to handle the cobblestones and uneven surfaces in those places. It really help made my first holiday in europe easier. Just as we agreed, Sabine picked up the stroller at the hotel in Zwanenburg, even though it was outside of her delivery area. It was truly a life saver, to have such an efficient, reliable and amazingly kind service when you needed it the most. Love from Malaysia!

May 2015 – Fazirah Abdull.

Fazirah Abdull

We travelled to Amsterdam in April 2015 for Easter holiday with our very small baby (10 weeks). It was our first journey in sets of three. Before this journey I was wondering if all is going well with such a small baby. I found Travel Baby Amsterdam on the web and I was so pleasant surprised about the immediate and friendly answer from Sabine. When we picked up the stroller (Bugaboo), Sabine was so candid and friendly. The Bugaboo was very good and looked also very fine. We were so glad because it was so much easier and uncomplicated with this Bugaboo in Amsterdam. Our baby enjoyed it and was sleeping well there. If we are coming to Amsterdam next, we will rent things of Travel Baby Amsterdam again for sure. We had a great time in Amsterdam and so we are very thankful for this kind service of Travel Baby Amsterdam.

April 2015 – Katharina Ruf.

Katharina Ruf

We just traveled to Amsterdam for the Easter Holiday (April 2015). We are a family of 5 (children 5, 3 and 11 months). We decided to look up for a stroller for rent so we wouldn’t be carrying it in the plane. Searching on the web, I found Travel Baby Amsterdam. I contacted them asking for a special delivery due to our scheduele. I had an immediate and kind answer from Sabine. She was very flexible in all of our requests. She arrived on time, just as we agreed and she picked the stroller after our departure with no problems.

What a pleasant surprise finding this service in Amsterdam, it really made our holiday a lot easier! I truly recommend Travel Baby Amsterdam, not only for their products but specially for their reliable and extremely kind service.

April 2015 – Delia E. Garcia.

Delia E. Garcia

Travel Baby Amsterdam gets my highest accolades for service, quality and ease of use. I suddenly found myself charged with arriving in Amsterdam, finding a baby stroller, a cot and a rocker for a 6 month old. I live in Australia and happened to be in Europe on a trip…… you know how it is…. “Oh Mum, can you pop over to Amsterdam and do some baby sitting”

“Oh and by the way, can you find us a stroller, a cot and a rocker…”

My frenzied website search took me to Travel Baby Amsterdam. The wonderful Sabine took over and between us we figured out that the best option was to buy a stroller – Easywalker Mini with all the attachments-, and rent the cot and rocker. Sabine delivered the goods for me to the rented apartment at the appointed hour, unpacked everything and helped me set up prior to arrival of family.

Everything worked perfectly. The brand new stroller was light but robust enough to handle the cobblestones and uneven surfaces of Amsterdam. We were all happy -especially baby Molly-. The company was easy to deal with, provided quality products and made a grandmother’s trip to Amsterdam trouble free..

September 2014 – Patricia McLagan.

Patricia McLagan

I traveled to Amsterdam in July 2014 for a 4-week stay with my husband and three girls, ages 7, 4 and 9 months. Sabine couldn’t have been more helpful in helping us select items and arranging for delivery. It made the whole trip so much less stressful, knowing we were going to have everything we needed for the baby when we arrived, from a sleeping cot to a high chair to loads of toys!

She also provided toys for our 4-year old and even threw in some beautifully wrapped art supplies for our 7-year old. She arrived right on time to deliver everything and helped us set everything up; she also packed everything up and picked it up on our last day. We had a wonderful trip, and I would highly recommend Travel Baby Amsterdam.

August 2014 – Erin Baler.

Erin Baler

I can’t speak highly enough about Sabine and Travel Baby Amsterdam. As a fellow mum, Sabine just “gets it” and knows what it can be like to travel with a child. So when I had complications with my mobile phone and wasn’t able to communicate with her to confirm my request, I thought my reservation would for sure be cancelled. However, much to my delight, once my mobile was working again I received a message saying that not only was the stroller confirmed, but that it had already been delivered to our hotel and was waiting in our room.

The stroller was new and in great shape. My 1.5 year old slept comfortably and didn’t seem to notice that she was in a new stroller. To end our stay in Amsterdam, Sabine picked up the stroller from our hotel at 21:00, which allowed us to spend all day exploring the last-minute sites we couldn’t see earlier. I highly recommend Travel Baby Amsterdam, especially for anyone who is looking to travel with a child and who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of baby equipment on a plane/bus.

June 2014 – Alexis Alvarez.

Alexis Alvarez