Payment of the full cost of hiring the equipment is payable to TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM by the customer at the commencement of the hire period, including any delivery and/or collection fees.

Damages or losses

In case of damages or losses TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM will charge the customer to repair or replace the damaged or lossed rental product.


For cancellations more than 7 days before the commencement of the Hire Period, the Customer will be charged a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the full hire amount to cover costs incurred. For 7 days or less TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM reserves the right to charge the full hire amount.

Late Return

A charge equal to the daily hire fee will accrue per day for Equipment not returned by the date agreed. If the Equipment is not returned within 7 days of the end of the Hire Period, the Equipment will be deemed to be lost and the full replacement value will be charged.


Reservations can be made in the online booking system of Travel Baby Amsterdam.

Pick-up or Delivery

All goods can be picked up after making an appointment. Our office is located near the Westerpark. Delivery service is also available from € 40,- to a designated location in the Amsterdam Area (Amsterdam Zuid-Oost excluded).

Safe & Clean

You can rest assured that all of our baby equipment is thoroughly inspected on the morning of delivery and again at the end of a rental, and rigorously cleaned and sanitized.

Legal Costs

In the unlikely event of TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM having to take legal action and or pay for debt collection, the customer will be responsible for all legal costs incurred. The customer accepts that an additional charge, over and above the deposit, may be payable should the deposit not cover cleaning, late return, damage or loss to the equipment.


TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM will take all reasonable care to have the equipment available on the agreed dates but will not be responsible for any losses or consequential losses if the Equipment is not available on the agreed dates.

Alterations to Equipment

The customer may not alter or modify the equipment in any way.


The equipment shall not be re-hired, sub-let or loaned to any third party without the knowledge and consent of TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM who may at their discretion refuse such consent or require additional payment.

Consequential Losses

TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property or injury or death to person(s) in any form. Equipment is hired and used at the customer’s own risk.

Conditions of Business

All hire agreements with TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM shall be subject to these conditions of business and no other. No variation of the terms shall be valid unless agreed in writing and signed on behalf of the Customer and TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM.

Variations and Waivers

TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM may at their discretion waive or vary any of these conditions. Such variations and waivers will only have force if noted in writing and signed on behalf of TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM.

Assignment of Rights and Liabilities

All agreements made between TRAVEL BABY AMSTERDAM and the Customer are individual to the Customer who shall not assign those rights or liabilities under any agreement subject to these conditions.