When Ryan and Cristin Howard had their first child, they found the experience to be wonderful, exciting, and completely overwhelming. Being a new parent opens up a lot of new experiences, and a lot of new challenges as well.


Ryan and Cristin started “Smart Parent Advice” to provide parents with answers to all of the pressing challenges that they face. The site offers the latest advice and recommendations across all sorts of issues, and covers everything from what’s the best stroller for tall parents to how to help your toddler develop fine motor skills. It also layers on practical tips from parents that have been in the trenches.


Recently, they wrote a great post on traveling with a baby. It provides advice on preparing for a flight, and all sorts of tips for getting through the trip itself.


The site’s mission is to help parents work through all of the challenges, so that they can get back to enjoying parenthood.


You can find out more about Smart Parent Advice here: https://smartparentadvice.com/