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Able to use from day 1 until your baby weighs around 11 KG. The waistband is adjustable from 72 cm to 135 cm, so you can enjoy the company of your little one for a long time. On the lower part of the straps there’s a band with which you can adjust the width to the size of your baby and attain the M-position in each stage.
The Kiss&Carry is ergonomic for both parent and baby. The little ones M-position is assured. (the knees are positioned higher than the buttocks). With the carrier the weight is evenly distributed over the shoulders (size 36-52).
Ultra soft support for the neck and head of the baby. The neck/head support is detachable and can be washed separately at 60 degrees.
No hard harness, but a soft yet firm material to pack your baby in safely.
At the same time the right curve in the back is realized. Due to this super fine material soft touches and caresses can still be felt.
As soon as you baby can sit independently, you can use the Kiss&Carry as a back carrier as well.
The Kiss&Carry does not only have a sophisticated design, but it is also thought through. In just 4 steps you can put on the Kiss&Carry and taking it off is also very simply done (handy number placement). Your hands are always free which means you able to interact with your baby. In the waistband you will find lovely foot pockets. And how can we forget our famous labels. They are fun to fiddle and play with or to fasten a favourite toy or pacifier to.
The Kiss & Carry comes with a matching scarf and a nice travel bag. The scarf keeps your neck warm in the winter. The Kiss & Carry can remain nice and clean in the travel bag and because it is so compact there is always space for it in your bag or pram.

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