“Baby Can Travel” believes babies make wonderful travel companions!

 The founders of “Baby Can Travel” promised each other that they would keep travelling after having their first baby. They loved it so much, that it became the inspiration to create Baby Can Travel.  Their goal is to inspire you to travel with your baby.
Baby Can Travel was created to inspire, encourage, and support families with babies to continue to travel. Through our blog and travel guides, we aim to provide destination specific information to help make our readers trips a success. We cover all aspects of a trip; from planning, to surviving the travel day, to making the most of every day while on the trip.

Their 5 concise travel guides cover everything you, as a new parent, need to know about visiting Paris, London, New York City, Barcelona or really – Anywhere!  To save you even more time, they are organized by section so you can quickly jump to the specific area that you are interested in.

You can find out more about Baby Can Travel here: